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Welcome to Cologne! Whether it is your first visit to Cologne or you have explored the city before, there are always so many attractions just waiting to be discovered. We provide more than just a great way to travel around the city and its 2000 years old history. Our expertly guided Cologne tours are specially tailored so that you get the very best out of our historic city and its certain way of life. We provide humorous city history tours, entertaining brewery tours, informative tours of the subterranean roman Cologne and exciting treasure hunts and rallies to become active and involved. Founded over 15 years ago, we are now with our professionalized tour guides one of the largest and most popular sightseeing agencies in Cologne. Experience Cologne with the people that know it best!

Please choose one of the following tours or send us an e-mail for further information.


The English version of our website is in progress. If you are planning your visit of Cologne or have further questions, don`t hesitate to contact us.


We invite you to experience the magical sights of Cologne during an entertaining walk and listening to its 2000 years old history. As one of the biggest and – no doubt – the most beautiful cities of Germany Cologne has lots to offer, get an impression of the most historic sights of Cologne such as the Dom and the historical town hall. Did you know that dwarfs used to live in Cologne?


Kölsch is not only our light local beer, it is also a language and a way of life. Enjoy the walk through the Old Town of Cologne and discover the different types of beer in the breweries you come along on the way and listen to various stories of living in Cologne. Our local beer tradition is a very specific symbol of Cologne and we would very much like to give you an understanding of it.