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Humorous Brewery Tour

“A freshly tapped, tasty Kölsch accompanied by a funny, yet informative story“. Our brewery tours want to offer you an insight into the secrets of our „Kölsch“-culture. You will learn about the processes involved in brewing and the history of Cologne in a humorous way, while having a chance to try some of our traditional beer. 

The term "Kölsch" describes not only a local pale ale, it is also a language and a way of life. Enjoy walking through the Old Town of Cologne and discover the different brands of liquid "Kölsch" in the breweries you pass while listening to stories about living in Cologne. Our local beer tradition tells a lot about Cologne and its people and we will make sure you hear lots of it.

Malzmühle mit Höhnerstall
Sommer Alter Markt
Drei Kölsch-Fans


Duration: 2 hours

The participants need to be at least 18 years old.

Starts: Bahnhofsvorplatz - Ends: Heumarkt

Group Rate (English):

  • up to 25 participants 195 €

Beverages are not included. All prices are final, taxes are already included.

For dinner, we recommend the following breweries and pubs

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